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What is Young's Keep?

What is Young's Keep? It is primarily an experiment in organization and governance. It is an attempt at bringing together all of the members of the Young family into a single collective, in order to support and create a better life for our family. It is also an attempt at the creation of a micro-nation, lead by the Clan of Young. Within the history of the Young family, we've taught kings and presidents, we've fought in every major conflict known to human-kind, and we've contributed to the expansion knowledge through science and technological advancement. However, at no point in our history has any Young sought to build something for the whole of our family. So I've stepped forward, reached out and gathered a multitude of our kin. With your help, know-how, dedication, and will power, we will leave; tot he next generation; a legacy to be proud of. For that, I appreciate you all.
This blog is where I will communicate with my people with information and announcements of what's going on with the family, clan and nation.

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