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Updates to our currency... Good afternoon, everyone. Here are a few updates to some of the things in our last post. After some experimentation and usage. We've decided to drop the use of the Ethereum and Waves networks.
With Ethereum, we found that their gas system (the networks transaction fees) can get pretty pricey. It's fine for an individual doing basic commerce. However, for national spending i.e. buying land or an aircraft carrier... etc., It could wouldn't be efficient.
With the Wave network, we found that it cumbersome to fund accounts, as the network isn't widely used enough to warrant using it. Also, it doesn't have an easily defined way of instituting "smart contracts" (a topic for a future post).
Ultimately, we've settled on using the Stellar Network, as it meets 90% of our national needs. The other 10% has yet to be defined. So we will be burning all the tokens from the other two networks and any left in those wallets will be reallocated to the Stellar Network to buy Lumens (the networks primary asset coin).
We will mint a fixed amount of 100,000,000,000 CREDITS, whose ticker symbol is CRD. The CRD will also be divisible by 8 places e.g. "0.00000001CRD".
Stay tuned, for more information, as it becomes available.
Til next time :-)

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